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Winners & Participates

Little Noah's Learning Center has been the over all winner of the last three Computer Olympics. Their ace-in-the-hole is Treveon Jones, a 8-year-old Fort Bend resident who has won  6 gold medals.   Little Noah's is located at 14087 South Main Street in Fort Bend. Dee Spencer is the owner/director and is currently in the process of opening up her second childcare center on South Post Oak, also in Fort Bend County.

BusiBodies Academy located in southeast Houston, 3926 Erie, Has placed (finished third or higher) every year and they were the over all winner in the Spring of 2006.  Ms Gerrie Brown, Owner/Director, stated in the Houston Chronicle that ˇ§We've got 6-year-olds walking around with laptop computers practicing, and they might win a computer. They are very excited about that."

The Phoenix Outreach Center owned and directed by City Councilmember Jarvis Johnson has placed (finished third or higher) every year they have competed.  Mr. Johnson owns a number of childcare centers throughout the Houston and Austin Area.  

Prince and Princess Day Care has also placed (finished third or higher) in the last three Computer Olympics.  Prince and Princess is located, 8085 W Airport BLVD, in southwest Houston and the owner/director is Ms Gladys Ofili.

Fort Adobe A Speech & Hearing School brings their kids from Baytown Texas every year to compete in the Computer Olympics. Last year fort Adobe produced the most standing performer who won a total of three medals. Donna Denny is the director of the school that serves specials needs children.

Valenciaˇ¦s Play World placed third overall in 2008 in-spite of being a home center (fewer student than the centers competing).  Valenciaˇ¦s is located in North Forest and Ms Doris Maxey is the Director. 

Americaˇ¦s Choice was our first overall winner of the Computer Olympics.  Ms Rogers is the owner/director of five childcare centers.  However the winning group came from her Bellaire location in Southwest Houston.ˇ@

Note: Participating Schools

Share your Computer Olympic and Computer lab pictures with us and we will include your school on our web-site. ˇ@

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