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Partners & Sponsors Support letters

Veterans of American Legion Post 416 (Post locating within the 610 loop) decided to implement and support early childhood education programs throughout Houston; especially within the 610 loop. The goal is to academically nurture students to ensure they are college or military ready once they complete high school.  The Military's 2014 Mission Readiness Report states that ¡§70% of young adults   cannot qualify for military service, because they are not academically ready; thereby creating a national security problem for our country¡¨.  The mission readiness report recommends a concentration on early childhood education as the best solution to improve the academic readiness, college preparedness, and military readiness. Our programs emphasize a strong Early Childhood Education Foundation.


Post 416 is located within the 610 loop so members are deeply concerned about the following:


  1. Neighborhoodscout.com ranked 3rd Ward the 15th and Sunnyside 6th most dangerous neighborhoods in American.
  2. HISD Superintendent Terry Grier called the area within the 610 Loop an educational desert.
  3. Military report states ¡§70% of young adults cannot qualify for military service¡¨.


The Veterans of Post 416 and the 22nd District believe that Early Education Initiatives can transform the area within the 610 loop from an educational desert into an education oasis; thereby reducing crime, unemployment, gang activity, prostitution, low graduation rates, drug activity and much more.  We need and are requesting support from the Houston Community concerning the education and nurturing of our children.


Support Letters:

Levels Of Sponsorship:

Gold Medal Sponsorship:

Organization or individual¡¦s who donated $5,000 plus to the Computer
Olympics or digital inclusion projects the Computer Olympics supports.
Silver Medal Sponsorship: Organization or individual¡¦s who donated $2,000 plus to the Computer
Olympics or digital inclusion projects the Computer Olympics supports.

Bronze Medal Sponsorship: Organization or individual¡¦s who donated $500 plus to the Computer
Olympics or digital inclusion projects the Computer Olympics supports.

Communication Workers of American
Commits to Sponsoring Computer

The Communication Workers of American (CWA) have become Computer Olympics partners with Bridging the Digital Divide (BDD) and the ROWDY Foundation. This means that CWA has committed to providing resources (financial and/or other) to insure that the Computer Olympics is a success in 2009. We are very excited about our relationship with CWA because we are in the digital inclusion business and Larry Cohen, the national CWA President, has committed the resources of CWA toward ensuring that every child, every family, every community in America has the necessary tools they need to participate fully in the Information Age. Mr. Cohen believes that the economic stimulus plan provides a real opportunity to close the current gaps in broadband coverage, because there is a lack of access to the broadband network by an estimated 10-12 million households, slow speeds compared to our global competitors, and adoption barriers due to the cost, and of course technological barriers to computer ownership and Internet access.

Mr. Claude Cummings, president of CWA Houston, is very excited about working with us to insure that every family in Houston has access to Internet ready computers and the Internet in
spite of their income and the Computer Olympics is a great start.

For more information about CWA: http://www.cwa-union.org


New bronze medal sponsor ¡§The National Space & Technology Association¡¨ donated funds to support the Computer Olympics 2009. The National Space & Technology Association (NSTA) is a 501(c)6 ¡§Professional Trade Association,¡¨ founded and based in Houston, Texas, for the purpose of hosting and conducting technology-oriented networking events, conferences, tradeshows and conventions in Houston. Its mission is ¡§To connect the high-tech industry with the people it impacts,¡¨ bringing focus to ¡§Technology Touching People.¡¨
For more information please visit NSTA at:  www.nstaworld.org

Silver medal sponsor ¡§Bytes of Learning¡¨ donates a keyboarding software called ¡§Utrakey¡¨. Bytes of Learning develops and publishes powerful learning tools for use on Windows, Macintosh and Dana computers in schools, homes, offices and training environments. The company also provides teaching resources and teacher training services. http://www.bytesoflearning.com/

Bronze medal sponsor ¡§A Rocket Moving & Storage¡¨ donates storage space for the equipment, picks up donated equipment and delivers equipment for the Computer Olympics, A-Rocket is a for-profit moving and storage company that is dedicated to giving back to the community. A-Rocket Moving & Storage specializes in local, long distance, commercial, residential, international moving, storage and car transport. A-Rocket and its owner/director DeAndre Sam, have received many community-based awards. See Website www.arocket.com

Bronze medal sponsor HEB donates drinks and food for lunch for the kids at the Computer Olympics.

Bronze medal sponsor ¡§Surplus Buyers¡¨ donates hardware (keyboards, mice, power cords & etc.) to ¡§The Read by Six Initiative¡¨. Surplus Buyers is a for-profit hardware disposal and recycling company who is dedicated to giving back to the community. Surplus Buyers offers a full turn-key recycling service that picks up surplus computers and electronics from any site in the nation and transfers the hardware to its EPA permitted facility in Houston Texas for disposal. (website: www.surplusbuy.com)

Bronze mdal sponsor Popeye¡¦s Chicken donates lunch for the kids at the Computer Olympics.

Past Gold Medal Sponsors

Gold medal sponsor ¡§Houston Social Venture Partners¡¨ donated funds in 2008 for the North Forest Read By Six Initiative. The project Provides Internet ready computers to private schools and childcare centers. All computers have a pre-k curriculum and other educational software installed that is utilized to teach pre-k students how to read and write and count, thereby ensuring students are academically prepared for kindergarten. HSVP was an organization of successful professionals that responded to social needs throughout Houston. HSVP closed their doors at the end of 2008.

In 2007 and 2008 TSU has been a bronze medal sponsor by donating the HPE Arena for the Computer Olympics.

We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For
(Poet June Jordan)

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