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Computer Olympic Goals

Goal #1: Is to improve the academic performance of students by encouraging them to utilize the educational programs installed on the computers BDD provides to their schools. By using the software daily in preparation for the Computer Olympic competition students are improving their skills in reading, writing, math, geography, keyboarding and other areas of knowledge. When students compete against other students at their early learning centers, schools and after school programs they master the subject their competing in. The Computer Olympics is a great opportunity to motivates and reward students for their academic accomplishments.

Goal #2: To Bridge The Digital Divide During the Computer Olympics we also host a lunch time forum that discusses Strategies to insure Digital Inclusion for All. The Digital Inclusion forum allows community base organizations, community leaders and concerned citizens to meet, discuss and share their ideals germane to Bridging the Digital Divide.

Goal #3: To Provide Internet Ready Computer Labs To Community Based Organizations In our efforts to Bridge the Digital Divide we provide computers labs to deserving organizations that serve our community. Last year No More Victims Inc received a Internet Ready Lab consisting of ten computers. No More Victims Inc, an advocacy program for children of incarcerated parents, celebrated the High school graduation of 40 of its members. The 08 class was the largest graduating class during No More Victimˇ¦s eight years existence. Fort Adobe a Speech & Hearing school located in Baytown Texas was the 07 recipient. Fort Adobe serves special needs children. Fort Abode received 10 computers and computer tables (tables built by Boy Scouts from Troop 354). Donna Denny, director of Fort Adobe, informed us that the children loved the computers and are really benefiting from having access to the pre-k educational programs that were provided with the computers.

We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For
(Poet June Jordan)

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